About Us

The trustees and staff have spent their careers to date working in international sports and community development.

Bangladesh Staff Team
- Liakath Ali, Programme Manager
- Guljar Hussein, Community Coach and Outreach Worker
- Mujibar Rahman, Football Coach
- Mokabbir Ali, Education and Finance Officer
- Jontu Das - Moulvi Bazaar project sports coach
- Liton Miah - monitoring and evaluation

Bangladesh Office : V.I.P Road, Telehawor, Tal tola, Sylhet 3100

Young Leaders / Ambassadors
- Mugibur Rahman
- Safwaan Choudary
- Jabin Ali
- Sara Miah
- Zidan Miah
- Joanna

UK Staff Team
- Rubel Ahmed, CEO
- Mona Boghdadi, Project Officer
- Sobur Ahmed, Project Officer

- Joff Day, Chairman
- Jahedur Rahman, Finance
- Abdul Malik
- Moin Ahmed

Founder - Sufian Miah

Our Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote social inclusion through sport and youth focused activities to those who are socially excluded and face abject poverty.
  2. To develop a culture of ownership and responsibility through youth led empowerment and participation activities in the interest of social welfare which are designed to improve the conditions of life, develop skills, capacity and capability to enable them to participate fully in society.
  3. To raise aspiration and ambition by providing opportunity to access and continue in education including physical education.
  4. To work in collaboration with partners to provide access to facilities and resources for whole communities with the aspiration of achieving social inclusion and improving conditions of life.

Sport for Community Development

The approach that the Foundation has taken follows seven fundamental principles:

  1. Commit to long term work at the heart of the communities in which we deliver. We’re here for the long haul and this key message offers security to our partners, supporters and young people. This is a “lifelong commitment for the Foundation”.
  2. Reflect participants’ interests and look to develop progression routes. The Foundation is creating a listening culture. This has been crucial in us trying to understand the challenges we are facing and supports us in finding solutions and growing as an organisation. We understand mistakes will be made along the way whilst we are learning and we are absolutely committed to being solution focused. A direct result of this approach is that participants will stay with the Foundation longer and volunteer making a greater impact and creating a sense of achievement.
  3. Taking time to establish mutual trust. This is essential for the sustainability and growth of the Foundation. The Shampan family is big and getting bigger with a huge diversity of people from all cultures, races, religions and backgrounds. The Foundation is about creating change and supporting people. When dealing with marginalised communities it is so important to value people and treat them with respect and dignity and try to create a level playing field.
  4. A well trained workforce. The delivery team of coordinators, coaches and volunteers are the heartbeat of the Foundation. It is essential in moving forward that we develop our staff team. We will be delivering project management training, ICT training, partnership development training and a youth leadership programme bringing all our projects together to create a young people’s committee that will ultimately take over the reins at some point in the future when they are ready and equipped to do so. Here in the UK our volunteers include international sports for social change trainers, national award winning restaurant owners and social change project managers.
  5. Offer education and vocational training alongside sport. Our primary school building and scholarship scheme supports our intention to introduce education and learning with a young people focused approach. We call this Youth Work in the UK. Training up our staff to deliver workshops alongside sport, offer one-to-one support, equip and empower young people to develop and gain skills, and ultimately increase the opportunity for every child in our projects to have access to a community coach is crucial. The community coaches are significant positive role models for the young people they work with.
  6. Partnerships add immense value. The Shampan family is growing every day and we now have eight official sponsors. We have an amazing amount of support from the Shampan Group customer base and all our family and friends who have contributed with time, finance and support. In Bangladesh over 20 volunteers have been working for the cause without any financial reward. This is the “purest” act of citizenship there is and the Foundation cannot thank the volunteers enough for the achievements to date.
  7. Constantly evaluate, learn and improve. Monitoring, evaluation and reflective practice are important components of this approach to continually improve services, evaluate the impact and demonstrate success. As we grow we will need to meet funder requirements and we absolutely have to step up to the challenge of becoming a charity that is “fit for purpose” with robust governance. This will take time as we continue to learn. All of our trustees have visited the Bangladesh and have committed time to quality assure our work and to be a big part of the training and development of the Foundation.